Fashion File: Diana Nguyen

I've known Diana for a little over a year. 

When I stumbled upon her blog, I knew that I had to showcase her. 

She seemed to have possessed a certain je ne c'est quoi. 

However soon enough, after following her blog, I was able to identify what set her apart from the rest. 

For one - her style is unique, but more than that, you can easily see that she cares about what she portrays to the world.

She cares about the way her hair is cut, the way she styles a shirt, the way she is photographed. 

What's inspiring about her - is simply the fact that her style is purposeful. 

"My personal style consists of different elements which I find beautiful, and it shows the world what is unique with me... Dressing up the way I do brings me happiness and gives an insight on how I want to express myself to others.

                                                                                                                                                - Diana Nguyen


She resides in Oslo, Norway, and is a common shopper at Topshop, Primark, Beyond Retro, and a handful of select vintage stores. 

Her style is often identified as vintage and retro. 

When asked what fashion is to her - she is quick to say that it all started when she was a little girl, and everything was about exploring.   

"I had many interests, but fashion has always stayed true to me."

She continues on to say that she has always admired the fashion world, because it includes everyone.  

" I have tried different styles through the years, but it wasn’t recently (until) I found a style I could settle in and which reflected me personally. They say that how you dress tells a lot about who you are as a person. Everyone has a personal style which is unique, and different from others."                                 

                                                                                                                              - Diana Nguyen

To see more of Diana, you can go to her blog Fashion Candy Floss

In addition, she tweets and instagrams at @fashioncandyf  

All photos belong to Diana Nguyen author of Fashion Candy Floss.