He's a talented writer, a model, my friend and probably one of the best dressed guys I know. 

Meet Brandon Williams. 

His journey to fashion is not unlike most. In his teenage years he described feelings of discomfort, and constantly trying to be different, 

" Finding my style was a very long process because I believe that in order to know your style you must know yourself first.

I was putting outfits together solely based on going against the stereotypical black male teenager.

It wasn’t until I began modelling that I started to become comfortable with who I am. I began getting inspired to dress how I felt comfortable rather than what I thought was going to be different. "

As time passed, and he came into his own, he realized that he didn't exactly have a true style per-say,  

" style is constantly changing as I grow and evolve as a person, so rather than fitting into one style tribe I like to draw inspiration from them all and play around!" 

Now that Brandon has a better understanding of himself, we asked what inspires him - he was quick to say that he gets inspired daily from those around him, 

"A lot of my inspiration comes from what I see people wearing in the streets. A little voice in my head goes “I like that, here’s how I would wear it.” "

This model has mastered the art of looking great, on or off duty, confidence and all. 

To see more of Brandon, check out his blog

In addition, He tweets and instagrams at @brandonrwill 

All photos belong to Brandon Williams.