I generally wake up with bags under my eyes - especially if I've stayed up late the night before. (obviously)

If I stay up late, Im in a constant battle with my alarm clock. I use to set 10 alarms. But I'm down to 3 now! yay!  

I try to do light yoga for at least 15 minutes a day. Often i'm reluctant to do so, but it honestly makes such a difference - so I force myself into some sun salutation. 

Lately I'm really into smoothies - my favourite being a Banana Chocolate Mocha.

It's my own little concoction! If you're the slightest bit interested you can find the recipe here

I live in Canada, where winter takes over for about 6 months! Therefore, as soon as the snow melts away, each morning I like to soak in the sun on my balcony.

I check my e-mails, finish up blog posts, cultivate new ideas, and write down my goals for the day.

As a full time student from September to May, I can also be found finishing up projects early in the AM, before heading out in the city. 

Before getting dressed I'll often flip through a magazine or two looking for inspiration. 

AND I must play music.

I really don't do anything without music.  

Lately i'm favouriting Adele (21) , and impatiently awaiting new sounds from her!

What's your morning routine? What do you like to do every morning?