What's in Your Purse?

Purse - Zara

Rings - H&M

Sunglasses - Coach

Watch - gift

Lipstick - Mac cosmetics

highlighter compact - nars

iphone - apple

What's in Your Purse?

I've been trying to downsize, the amount of items I carry in my purse, especially when I'm just stepping out for second or two. This Zara purse is smaller in size which obviously restricts the amount of unnecessary objects I am constantly toting around.

And believe me, we are all guilty of this.

 More often than not, we aim at buying a smaller purse and still manage to fit all of our excessive belongings. Quite honestly, we not only do this with our purses, we do this with our lives. We overpack, over-plan and over exert ourselves with people, activities and habits that add zero value.

This behaviour of ours, is continued time and time again. We voluntarily restrict ourselves, and overstimulate ourselves with things, people, relationships and jobs that were maybe never even intended for us in the first place. 

This post is not about encouraging the minimalistic trend we all have found ourselves in (although I am a fan), it's about throwing out all of the unimportant junk we hang on to. And even if we're starting with our purses, I have no doubt, that if we really want to be free of restriction, we will let this de-junking spread into the most biggest parts of our lives. 

Yours truly,