Nothing worth having comes easy, so when I find an outfit that comes together in a pinch, I'm pretty grateful. This grey tunic is a winner in my books, the length is great at separating it from a simple long sleeve shirt. Also these shoes??? Such an excellent piece to add to my wardrobe, because they can instantly elevate my look.

However, as much as I love easy, it's important to remember that what is truly valuable, requires sacrifice. Don't wish for something you aren't willing to work for. But at the same time don't neglect those shoes you've been eyeing for a month, or that dress you've been dying to try on. And don't shy out from cooking that giant turkey yourself, or applying for a new job, or asking your neighbour out on a date. Because sometimes, we are gifted with a grace that makes easy oh so possible. 

Be willing to work hard for what you want in life, and be pleasantly surprised, when grace allows some of your goals to come easier than others. 

Yours truly,